Sarah J. McComb

Author, Coach, Decorator,and Environmentalist

Hello, and welcome to my page!

I am a multi-faceted coach also working in other specialized areas. 

 I have personal experience in every service I offer which allows me to help and relate to a wide array of individuals. 

What would best serve you? Ways I can help:


I offer Integrative Wellness & Life Coaching which focuses on balancing all 4 areas of life (mind, body, soul, & spirit). Typically if one of these areas gets thrown out of balance, the imbalance spills into other areas of life. 

I offer Spiritual Coaching for your spiritual self. Sometimes, no matter how much you may be doing to keep yourself spiritually aligned, you can feel as if you are spinning out. This session focuses solely on your own connection and spiritual needs. 

 I offer Environmental/Home Detox Coaching for your physical home. Your home is an extension of your life. Many of the products we use in our home and in our lives are very toxic not only to our own health, but also our planet. This session focuses solely on creating shifts within your home in making it a place of wellness for you,  and the planet. 

Energy Work: 

I offer Marconic Energy Sessions. Marconic Energy is full spectrum energy, helping you drop dense energy that no longer serves you. It is vastly different from any other type of energy work/modality. With many other modalities, your vibration will come up and you may feel great for a few days or so, and then you completely drop back down. With Marconic energy, you drop density with each session. So you can think of this as coming up 5 levels and only going back down 3. You do not drop all the way back down again. This incrementally increases your vibration. 

Interior  Decorating/Energy:

I offer decorating advice and assistance with your home, office, and Airbnb. There is much more to sprucing up the inside of a space than what meets the eye. What needs to happen is that the space needs to be decorated in a way that will help it actually feel better to be in. The energy of the space needs to be created with the decor to authentically make it look AND feel great.......and I know just how to do it. 









I am a firm believer in coming together to support each other  and our environment. Our planet is our home and it is in distress due to the abuse it has endured. It is the responsibility of us all who are living on it to take care of it. My goal is to help every individual and/or company I work with make at least one shift that would benefit our planet.


5% of all services and book profits get donated back to The Nature Conservancy.

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