Hi, I'm Sarah!

About 10 years ago I experienced a major life event that I used as a catalyst for change. I leapt into the beginning of a long and intense self wellness and growth journey and my professional life followed suit. 


I have worked in many different industries since the beginning of my working career and at the same time, have always had a passion for coaching and helping people grow. My personal and professional experiences match in vastness and the background in each has given me the skills, knowledge, capability, and vision to combine them together.


On a personal level, I read a massive amount of self help books.....pretty much anything that I could get my hands on that resonated, I also did many workbooks on EFT (emotional freedom technique) before moving into other energy work and meditation. Through my journey, I healed by showing up for myself over and over again by working with the right modalities and people that kept showing up in my life...no matter how odd my logical brain determined it to be, and it certainly all proved to be very helpful with my own personal advancement.  


During that same time, professionally,I attended more seminars and workshops than I can count.  I obtained a small business management career diploma, a human resource generalist certification, a general management certification, then obtaining a certification as a holistic integrative wellness life coach. The information and skills I learned in this course can be applied in nearly any scenario, industry, or person. I rounded this up by becoming both a level 1 & 2 certified Marconic Energy practitioner. Marconic Energy has been the most profound energy work I have experienced and made the biggest difference in my life to date, and is why I decided to become a practitioner. 


I have always been an information sponge while maintaining a fierce work ethic. I learned not only to be excellent in managing business, but also in managing people and helping them grow individually and within their career. My first management position was when I had just turned 20.  Within multiple companies, I advanced into many positions and have trained more employees than I could ever count.   I did not understand or see how all of these things would actually add up in my life, I just kept going. I can clearly see today how all of these things do add up.

Initially I left my corporate job to do individual coaching. And while I do offer individual coaching, I eventually saw that this was part of what I am meant to do. So I kept taking steps and let it unfold. 

My goal in working with you as a personal coach is to help you help yourself in transforming your life to what feels more suited for you. So many of us keep settling and wonder " is this really it? Is this all there is?" The answer is NO! There are so many ways to heal, let go of fear, stress and outdated beliefs, and all it takes is a willingness for you to show up for YOU!

My goal in working you as a business consultant depends on what YOU need. Maybe you need someone to come in and speak with them to help with work/life balance and wellness. Maybe it is in helping you with the workplace culture. Maybe you needed to downsize and need help restructuring. Maybe you have high turnover and are not sure where the issue may be. Maybe you want to make your business unique to keep your best employees and attract better candidates, or you want to bring in more business.  I can help with any of these.  


With the way the world is evolving, and the way consciousness is shifting, the workplace must shift with it. As much as people are into self development, work/life balance, self-care and so on, their internal environment changes. And if the workplace continues to operate in the same ways as the old paradigms, the employees internal and external environments are no longer a match and they start to leave. It is all connected.  In achieving a better environment, the employees will feel better about coming into work, which will in turn raise morale, then the overall energy in the work space will raise. When this happens, everything and everyone starts to benefit.  One plan will not work for every industry or company. What may work for a corporate environment, may not work for a restaurant, or a retail chain. I happen to have experience in all of these industries to see what can help shift into a new way of being. 


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