DARE TO TRANSFORM; Creating Conscious Change in Your Life and Environment, and Why it is Needed in the Workplace is a small, mighty, and succinct book which covers a wide variety of topics in a brand new way.


Topics ranging from to personal, professional, health, self-love and spiritual matters, to the health of our Earth, then to needed workplace changes (and suggestions on how to do it), are all covered. While you may not think or feel that these topics all mesh together, they truly do. What affects one area in our lives quickly becomes a domino effect, spilling over into to the other areas.


We have become so plugged in and overworked that it is causing disconnect from our body, our mind, our needs, families, loved ones, and the environment. The connection we used to have is now being traded for disconnection. Taking care of ourselves is being traded for unhealthy conveniences. The unhealthy conveniences then lead us to hurting our health on all levels and our relationships, while also damaging the environment . More often than not, things are seen only at face value and we do not stop to question if there is a better way, especially when it seems "out-of-the-box". It is time for this to change.


Our world is changing right beneath us and in order to thrive, we will need to rise into a new way of being.

It Is Time To Transform


5% of all book and coaching profits get donated to The Nature Conservancy to help our planet.