How can I help with your transformation? 






Business Consulting: Working with you/your company to upgrade the workplace environment and come up with custom plans that will provide the employees with a nourishing workplace, minimize turnover, and benefit your business.  Introductory rate $99.00/hour

Personal Coaching:  One on one coaching, scheduled in one hour appointment blocks to help with work/life balance or transforming your life into a new way of being.

Introductory rates: 1 hour session  $88.00 or 30 minute sessions for $44.00

Marconic no-touch energy session: This energy healing session runs Marconic energy through your body's own Axiatonal system (think of these as energy meridians) that raises your vibration so high that you shed dense energy, karmic imprints, and can trigger spontaneous healing on all levels. 

One hour session: Introductory rate $88.00

Payment:  Consulting ; Whether the time needed is 1 week, 1 month, or 3 months, 50% of total is due at the first day of service. A letter of engagement will be presented, and will need to be signed prior to start of service(s).

Personal coaching & Marconic energy sessions to be paid in full at the time of the appointment. 

Hours:  By appointment only

5% of all paid services are donated back to environmental causes such as planting trees, clean water & air initiatives. 

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