"I was going through a very difficult transition in my life; recent layoff from a longstanding career, unstable relationship and pretty much a midlife crisis. I had extreme amounts of anxiety and was battling bouts of depression. It seemed that no matter how hard I tried I was literally just stepping in it and not moving along as quickly as I had hoped I would. At that point, I thought it may be worth getting some help and another perspective on things so I could get out of my own head. That is when I had decided to work with Sarah.


Sarah is very welcoming, calm and just allows you to be; no judgements. She genuinely cares and wants to heal. She is extremely knowledgeable and does not force her recommendations. She gives options and strong recommendations (when necessary) with the freedom to choose what is best because she wants comfort and healing. We as individuals know ourselves best and must take our own path; her coaching style allows for that.


From working with Sarah, I gained a new perspective on life. I am learning to listen to my intuition, forgive myself and not be so hard on myself for my shortcomings. Self-care is crucial for my personal success and Sarah really helped bring that to light for me. I also have tools I can use going forward because self-care and self-improvement is a constant journey.


If you are looking to make a self-change for the better, contact Sarah. She will give you the guidance and tools to work on being a more self-fulfilled you."

Jackie, Integrative Wellness Coaching, CT

"Sarah is a natural when it comes to coaching. She worked with me on the ECM (Emotional Clearing Method). Her calm soothing voice helped guide me through the process. Things came up for me that was totally unexpected and emotional and Sarah was very patient with me. The experience overall was amazing and I highly recommend working with Sarah"

Lisa, Emotional Clearing Method/Integrative Wellness Coaching, CT

"I have always been very empathetic and did not know how to balance myself and my life. I had always been afraid to reach out to people for help, but Sarah made me feel comfortable and at ease and has helped me so much! I had felt overwhelmed researching on my own and had no clue where to start. I was able to explain to Sarah what I was feeling and what I thought I needed to focus on. Sarah knew immediately what I should try. She is very knowledgeable and gave me several options to try and help balance my energies. Her multiple suggestions between meditations and crystals were exactly what I needed. I would Highly recommend Sarah in any spiritual guidance and will continue to seek her out for guidance."

Shelley, Spiritual Coaching, CT